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2014. 01. 232th
+ Patent Application on Flexible Lithium Secondary Battery

Patent Application on Flexible Lithium Secondary Battery


With the advent of flexible IT devices that can be bent or folded, the number of patent applications for flexible lithium secondary batteries has been on the rise.


Last October, Samsung Electronics introduced the world’s first horizontally bent Smartphone, and LG Electronics also released its curved Smartphone bent vertically.  Given Apple also is expected to get into the curved Smartphone market, the age of flexible Smartphones is on the way.  For the fullfledged introduction of the flexible IT devices, the development of flexible batteries is a problem to be solved. 


During the last tenyear period, there have been 7,181 Korean patent applications filed for lithium secondary batteries, increasing an annual average of 11.5%, according to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).


As a sign that much technological progress has been made in solving stability problems (heated or explosion) related to batteries, a total of 107 applications were filed for flexible batteries from 2010 to 2013. That’s a marked increase compared to 24 applications filed from 2001 to 2009.


Broken down by applicant from 2001 to last year, LG Chem filed 58% of the applications for flexible lithium battery technology, followed by Samsung SDI (9%).  Half of the applications are for the cable battery, which is suitable for wearable IT devices, 22% for processing technology of a curved shape for pouchtype batteries, 10% for the flexible thin film battery, and 18% for packaging and material technology.

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