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2014. 01. 231th
+ KIPO’s Patent Examination Policy of 2014

KIPO’s Patent Examination Policy of 2014


To meet the needs of companies competing in an increasingly globalized world, the Korean Intellectual Property Office announced that it has streamlined its examination policy in 2014. The policy is intended to speed up the examination process, provide a customized examination service, and to protect creative ideas. The main components are:

The average examination period of 2014 will be reduced to 11.7 months and a qualityoriented patent examination will be conducted through a reinforced priorart search.

A positive examination process will be adopted, with new enhanced measures such as meeting with the client before the examination and the customized package examination system will be extended to trademark and design applications.

Target counties of PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) that enable a registered patent in Korea to be examined quickly in foreign countries will be expanded (from 14 countries in 2013 to 21 countries in 2014).

In order to strengthen patent protection of computer programs (Smartphone Apps) and architectural design work, related examination standards will be improved.


To facilitate patent registration of creative ideas, the Patent Act will be amended to make it possible to file an application for foreign thesis or idea materials, relax the requirements for Exception to Publication, and expand opportunity for divisional applications.

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